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10 The Most Common Mistakes Permanent Makeup

10 The Most Common Mistakes Permanent Makeup

You might think someone who will put a tattoo on your face should have the right skills and training. But not all people who do permanent makeup are the same. Some are just plain bad at what they do. The results could be terrible if you choose the wrong artist to permanently change your eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, or something else. Here, we’ll talk about what can go wrong with semi-permanent makeup and how you can ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Used the wrong color

Using the wrong color can be a disaster. Instead of your semi-permanent light brown eyebrows, you have two giant black caterpillars on your forehead. Not a good look.

Poor styling

Permanent makeup tattoos should be tailored to each person’s needs, but some artists use stencils or other standard styles and always do the same thing, regardless of their face shape or what they want the tattoo to look like.

Permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup are the same.

Really. Even though it sounds extraordinary, it’s the same thing. Permanent makeup is what people call it when the pigment is put under the skin. You can’t wash it off, so it’s permanent. But because most people lose it over time, many artists market it as “semi-permanent makeup.” Permanent eyebrows last just as long as eyebrows that aren’t going to come off.

Not always is something that lasts longer better value

Usually, permanent makeup lasts for up to three years. This won’t change from one artist to the next. What it is, is. No one will be able to make pigment last longer than everyone else (well, not any good artists). Since it can last up to three years, it can also last less. Rates of fading depend on a lot of different things.

Just because an artist’s work costs more doesn’t mean it’s better

You might pay a lot more if you choose an artist based only on price. I see it all the time: girls who have spent money on places like Harley Street come in for removal. Before you book, look at the artist’s work, not the price. Price does not indicate value.

There are other ways to treat eyebrows besides microblading

Most girls know what microblading is these days. It’s a big trend, but it’s not the only way to treat something. You can do other things! You can get eyebrows in many different styles, but not all artists will offer them all.

Tattoos are what permanent makeup is

Most people think permanent makeup is a beauty treatment, one of the biggest myths. In a way, they are a type of beauty treatment, but more specifically, they are a type of tattoo. This is important because when choosing an artist, they should also consider the venue where they will perform. Blood is used to make tattoos, even if you can’t see it. This means you should look for places specializing in permanent makeup or tattoos and avoid places like the corner of a nail salon, someone else’s house, or even your own home. Not only is it essential to have great brows, lips, and eyeliner, but it’s also important to do so safely.

Not only girls can do it

Not a chance! Permanent makeup isn’t always meant to take the place of regular makeup. It’s made to change the way your natural features look. And you can do this to make it look either natural or bold. Don’t let the “makeup” part fool you, no matter how they look. It’s easy to get.

It looks natural

Since permanent makeup was first used, a lot has changed. We can create a natural look with new techniques, tools, and pigments if that’s what you want. Even if it isn’t, we can still do that!

It doesn’t hurt as much as you think it does

Most people who get permanent makeup think it will hurt a lot, but they are pleasantly surprised when they find out it doesn’t. Clients don’t always feel anything; when they do, most people say the pain is a one on a scale of 1 to 10. (10 being the worst). If it hurt that much, no one would do it!