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How to Draw On Eyebrows

How to Draw On Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame the face and play a significant role in showing how we feel. Because of this, even small changes in their shape and color can significantly affect how someone looks. No matter why you want to draw on your eyebrows, there are many ways to get the perfect look.

Step By Step Guide On How to Draw Eyebrows Perfectly:

Groom them

Once you’ve decided on the best eyebrow shape for your face, you must get your grooming kit together. Even though it’s better to have thicker, fuller brows, that doesn’t mean you can let those hairs grow everywhere. Also, if you don’t care for your eyebrows, it can be hard to shape and fill them. You can choose to pluck any hairs that grow past the brow line, but don’t do it too much. You can also get someone else to shape your eyebrows by waxing or threading. With the help of a professional, be sure that your eyebrows are in the right shape for your face.

Get the brow stuff together.

If you’re new to makeup, there are so many eyebrow products that it’s hard to know where to start. So, it’s normal to wonder what you can use to draw eyebrows. Aside from a concealer, you’ll also need an eyebrow pencil, tweezers, eyebrow gel, and a spoolie to shape your eyebrows ideally. People often make the mistake of using brow products in the wrong shade. Don’t use black shades because they can make your brows look harsh and strong. Instead, choose colors slightly lighter than your natural hair color, like dark grey, dark brown, ash grey, and charcoal.

Cleanse your face

First, ensure your face is ready by moisturizing it to keep it hydrated and soft. Before you draw your eyebrows:

  1. Use a makeup primer, foundation, and concealer if you want a full face of makeup.
  2. Pat translucent powder on your eyebrows to set the products you put on earlier.
  3. Use a brush to get rid of any extra dust.

Form and story

Using an eyebrow pencil or a makeup brush, you can tell where the brows begin and end. It’s essential to find the main points of your eyebrows. The easiest way is to put the eyebrow pencil at the side of your nose, draw a line up to the brow, and then make a dot where the pencil meets the brow. Then, turn the eyebrow pencil until it lines up with your pupils, and put a dot to mark where your brows are the highest. Next, place the eyebrow pencil 45 degrees from the nose’s side and the eyes’ outer corner. This will help you find the end of the brows. Put a dot there to show where the brows end. Lastly, connect the dots to get the right shape for the brows.

Fill in your eyebrows.

Use a spoolie to brush your hair up; if any of it is too long, you can cut it. Also, make sure to pluck out any hairs that fall outside of your brows. Then, use flicking motions to fill in the brows. Use brow powder or an eyebrow pencil to cover bald spots. Next, use a spoolie to brush the brows and blend them.

Close the deal

Next, use a brush and concealer to fill in the shape of the brows. To finish the look, use a highlighter pencil to fill in the arch of the brows. Voila, you’re set to go!