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The Best Lipstick Hacks Using Translucent Powder

The Best Lipstick Hacks Using Translucent Powder

After you put on the lipstick, take a tissue and fold it in half. Put one layer of tissue on your lips and press it down. Then, using a fluffy brush and clear powder, evenly dust the powder over your lips while they are still covered in tissue. Coty Airspun Face Powder is a cult classic that many girls use. It costs $6, but it’s worth a lot more. When you take off the tissue, you’ll have that color on your lips for a long time. Here are four great ways to use translucent powders.

Because of their benefits, translucent powders are a must-have in your makeup collection. They stop your forehead from shining and protect you from pollution and other outside factors. They also keep your makeup in place and make it look matte. But besides the obvious benefits, loose powders can also be helpful when you need a quick fix.

Make your lipstick matte.

Loose translucent powder can make your lips look matte right away without making them feel dry. Put on your usual lipstick, then put a thin layer of tissue on your lips. Dust a little powder on the tissue and wait a few seconds. Carefully peel it off to find a beautiful matte finish that will last a long time. You can also make matte lipstick last all day with the same trick.

Cover up flaws

Most people use apparent powders to set their makeup at the end of their makeup routine. But if you still have blemishes that are showing through, you can cover them with a little more powder on a cotton swab.

Make your eyelashes look fuller.

I think that any tip that keeps you from having to use fake eyelashes is a blessing. Translucent powders can help with this. After putting on mascara, sprinkle the loose powder on your lashes while they are still wet. Then, put another coat of mascara on top. This will build up your lashes without making them feel too thick or heavy.

Make your pencil liner last

Use your translucent powder to keep your pencil liner from getting all over your face for your eyeliner, and dust loose powder on your lids. Then, put on your eyeliner and a second layer of powder so that the liner doesn’t get into the crease that forms when you open your eyes.