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5 Common Makeup Mistakes

5 Common Makeup Mistakes

What’s interesting about makeup is that the same products can look very different on different people. All of it depends on how the makeup is put on and who wears it. We all have different shapes and features on our faces that can change how the makeup looks. So, if you want to get better at applying makeup and step up your beauty routine, consider these common mistakes before starting.

Not changing the base as you get older

When you were in college and on a tight budget, a drugstore brand might have been perfect, and if your skin was still young and soft in your mid-20s, you might not have needed many foundations. As a makeup artist, Annie Tevlin says that your makeup should also change as you get older. As women get older, the skin on their faces and neck dries out, which makes them look older. Tevlin says to switch from powders and matte foundations to creamy foundations and pay extra attention to your skincare routine.

They don’t look like natural eyebrows

We used to be crazy about having skinny, drawn-on eyebrows. But now we like eyebrows that are thick and full. This, however, can be taken too far. Boxy eyebrows that don’t look natural are often too aggressive. To make your eyebrows look more natural and complete, draw them with hair-like strokes, mostly in places where there aren’t many. Try not to draw too much on the edges of your eyebrows that are close to your nose. It looks better when it looks more natural there. Use a small amount of concealer and your finger to clean up under your eyebrows.

Putting on too much cover-up

Putting on too much cover-up is a simple makeup mistake. You look tired, whether it’s because your baby won’t go to sleep, your boss gave you a new task at 6 p.m., or your new favorite Netflix show is hard to stop watching. Most people grab their concealer stick or brush and go to town, doing their best to hide dark circles. But if you don’t use the right shade or product for your skin type, you could end up drawing attention to wrinkles or lines or making your face look heavy and cakey.

Foundation isn’t used correctly

First, you should find a foundation that goes well with your skin. You can always add depth to your face with blush, bronzer, and highlighter, but if you choose the wrong foundation shade, it will stand out. And not in a good way. To put on foundation, dab it on your skin and blend it with a damp beauty blender sponge. Or you could use a brush for the foundation. When you use concealer, put it mostly on spots or places where your skin is darker. Then, put a small amount of powder on a sponge and dab it on the places where you used concealer. Use a brush to spread the powder all over your face.

Not using bronzer the right way

Not using bronzer correctly is one of the biggest makeup mistakes. Bronzing can get lost in all the powders with highlighters, illuminators, and radiance powders. And inexperienced people who do their makeup at home sometimes use too much of this “sun-kissed” mix, making them look more orange than tan.