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How to Apply Foundation to Mature Skin

How to Apply Foundation to Mature Skin

When you put foundation on your face, there are some pretty easy things you can forget. And these things could be the difference between stage paint that looks like it was put on by a four-year-old in the dark and beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Read on for the must-have tips that will help you apply foundation to your mature skin.


Obviously! We hear you say. But are you doing it for real? Not a chance. No matter how old you are, preparing your skin well before putting on foundation is essential. So, we recommend you always start with a moisturizer that will hydrate your skin without making it greasy or slippery.

Find the best one

You must! You should. Primers are like heavy lifters. They do all the hard work and fix some of your skin’s little problems before your foundation and concealer do.

Less is more

We know, we know. “Less is more” is easier to say than to do, especially if you have problems like rosacea or adult acne. But if you’re having trouble getting the right amount of coverage and making sure you don’t look or feel like you’re wearing a mask, we suggest looking for formulas that can be built up and let you customize your coverage.

Always choose foundations that add moisture.

ALWAYS. Why? Because as we get older, our skin tends to become drier and needs help adding moisture. That’s why we say to look for formulas that are both good for your skin and give you coverage. Anything like dewy, luminous, glow, etc., should do the job well. Still, matte isn’t good for this, so don’t use it.

Relax about the powder

Omg, slow down, hun. She could betray you. Yes, even if your skin is oily. So, watch where you put it and be careful because powder tends to get into creases and stick to things like dry spots.

Use a sponge or a brush.

So, how should the foundation be put on skin that is getting older? Sponge for beauty? Brush for foundation? Your thumbs? Are fingers fine? Putting on a foundation with your fingers is the easiest and fastest way, but sometimes it can look blotchy and uneven. So, a makeup sponge or foundation brush will give you a more even and natural look.