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How to Keep Eyelashes Curled

How to Keep Eyelashes Curled

Curling your eyelashes is one of those small but significant steps people often forget to do. It seems unnecessary, but once you do it right, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. It can be scary. A lash curler looks a bit like a tool for torturing people, and how it works isn’t exactly obvious. So, we asked two makeup artists how to curl your eyelashes best, and trust us; you’ll never skip this step again. They also gave some expert tips on how to keep your eyelashes curled and lifted all day.

Use a hair dryer and a curling iron.

I bet you’ve never thought to use a hairdryer to style your eyelashes. But it turns out that this trick works like magic! You can use the hairdryer method in two different ways. One way is to put your hairdryer directly on your eyelashes and use the heat and force of the air to lift them.

Before regular mascara, you should use waterproof mascara.

When we talk about waterproof mascara, putting a coat on top of your regular mascara can help keep your curled eyelashes in place. After you curl your eyelashes, put on a waterproof version of your favorite mascara, or any waterproof mascara will do. Add your favorite mascara to the top.

Use a mascara comb

We’ve all been there: you’ve put on your mascara and tried to add an extra layer to give your lashes more length and volume, but you can’t get it right. Even though your mascara is clumpy, you still need to work on that curl. If you’ve already put on mascara and want more lift, don’t put on more mascara. Instead, use a lash comb. Lash combs are precisely what they sound like: they are tiny combs that you can use to style your eyelashes.

Your lash comb can not only help you curl your eyelashes by pushing them up, but it can also help you separate any lashes that get stuck together when you put on mascara.

Use a curler that gets hot.

When we style our hair, we use tools that get hot.Why? Because heat temporarily changes how each hair strand feels, we can use it to make our hair straight or curly. Since eyelashes are also made of hair, it makes sense that heat would have the same effect on them.