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A step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect makeup base

A step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect makeup base

The rest of your makeup can go wrong when you have a cakey base. The base makeup makes the rest of your look stand out. If your makeup base is wrong, it can ruin everything and make you look like a disaster. It’s not hard to get smooth base makeup, but you must follow some steps to ensure it stays in place for a long time. So, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you always make a good base for your makeup.

Cleanse And Moisturise

If you skip this step, you will put makeup on top of dirt, dust, and other impurities already on your face. That foundation will get into your open pores and make your face look patchy. Start by washing your face with a cleanser that works well for your skin. You can also use the double-cleansing method if you think your skin has that much dirt. Make sure the face wash or cleanser you choose suits your skin type. After that, use your regular moisturizer or cream. It shouldn’t be made with oil.

Set your face

When you use a primer, you put a layer of it between your skin and your makeup. It keeps all of your makeup together. A primer makes your skin smoother and helps you make a smooth base for all your other products, like foundation, concealer, and color correctors. If you have been skipping this step, it could be why your makeup starts to make your skin look shiny after a few hours. A primer covers the skin’s large pores, which usually make oil and make your makeup look bad. Take a small amount and spread it all over with your finger. If you use a sponge or brush to put on the primer, you might end up with harsh lines.

Choose a foundation that works for your skin type.

What kind of skin do you have? Dry, normal, mixed, or oily skin? It’s essential to choose a foundation, or else the base of your makeup will be ruined. For example, women with oily skin should choose a matte-finish foundation so that their face doesn’t look sticky after a few hours. Also, it would help to choose your foundation based on how much coverage you want, like a heavy or a light one.

Get the right brush to mix your foundation.

Since there are so many different foundations on the market, it may be hard to choose the right one for yourself. Let’s talk about the choices that most people make. Most people use a beauty blender, which is thought best for the high-coverage foundation. It helps the foundation blend well with the skin for a finish that looks very natural. People also love stippling brushes a lot these days. This one has bristles on both sides. The first layer shows you how to put the product on the right, and the second layer helps the product blend into your skin. You can also apply the product with regular flat brushes.