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How To Contour According To Your Face Shape

How To Contour According To Your Face Shape

As an art form, beauty is always on display. We see beauty in many different ways in every person who is alive. For many, it brings to mind bright pictures of makeup. Makeup has always been an essential part of our travel bags, no matter where we went. We have never left the house without putting on eyeliner or a little bit of that compact. Contouring is a popular beauty trend that has become a vital beauty standard. Some rules, like how your face shape should look, go along with it.

How to Figure Out Your Face Type

First, you need to know what kind of face you have. This is true for any makeup technique. We discuss oval, heart, round, square, and triangle faces. What kind of face do you have? We can also help you figure out your face type if you’re having trouble.

How to Contour the Shape of Your Face

Every makeup lover will tell you that contouring is an art form. This technique should be based on your facial shape so your photos don’t look strange. All you need is a bronzer, a brush, or a beauty blender to blend the product into your skin. Don’t forget to soften the edges of all the lines.

Contour For Round Faces

Create a contour that looks like a circle around your forehead if you have a round and soft face. Pinch your cheeks to locate the area where you want your contour to start, and then sculpt just below your cheekbones to lift your cheeks and add dimension to your face.

Shape For Oval Face

When contouring a face that is more square and structured, you should begin at the temples and forehead and work your way inward. Most definitions will be added to your face in this way. Lessen the degree to which the angle formed by the cheeks is acute. You don’t want to look like it’s trying too hard or has too much structure. Those are also things you want to avoid.

Contour For Square Faces

If your face is square and structured, begin contouring at the temples and forehead and work your way inward. Soften the curve of the cheeks. You want your face to appear neither too complex nor excessively structured!