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How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger with Makeup

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger with Makeup

Full, soft lips are all the rage right now. Everyone from Tana Mongeau to Kylie Jenner has been in the news because of their full lips, and you can’t open TikTok without seeing videos of people pouting. Many people will find out how to make their lips bigger now that so many influencers have big lips. Some celebrities get lip fillers all the time, but there are less painful and cheaper ways to change the look of your lips. Heavy contouring and overlining your lips are popular ways to make your pout look better. The right beauty products can make your lips look fuller and poutier. Here are some skincare and makeup tricks to make your lips look fuller.

Add some shine

Glossy products draw light and attention to your lips, making them look fuller and healthier, even if you don’t wear lipstick. Put a small amount of highlighter, shimmer, or high-shine clear lip gloss in the middle of your lips. To make your cupid’s bow stand out more, brush a small amount of highlighter or pearlescent eye shadow on it.

Consider lip plumper

Lip plumpers use collagen peptides or natural, mild irritants like peppermint, cinnamon, or cayenne to react with your lip skin, increase blood flow, and make your lips slightly bigger. Plumping glosses can make your lips look more prominent, but you should be careful using them if you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or allergies.

Exfoliate dead skin

Take off the dry, flaky skin cells on your lips to make your pout look fuller. To scrub your lips, use a soft toothbrush or make your lip scrub. Don’t exfoliate more than once a week because it can irritate your skin and make your lips feel dry.

Keep your lips hydrated.

When lips are dehydrated, they look thinner and drier. If you keep your lips moist, they will look fuller, plumper, and healthier on their own. The best way to keep your lips moist is to drink enough water and use lip oil or lip balm regularly.

Use a lip pencil to outline your lips.

Use lip liner to draw a line just outside your natural lip line to make your lips look bigger and extensive. Here’s how to do this trick with makeup: Start with your lower lip and a liner that matches the color of your lips and skin. Start in the middle of your lips and draw a line below your lower lip. Keep moving up and out from the middle until you get to the corner of your lips. Do the same on your upper lips, and then use liquid lipstick to fill in the lines.

Try two different colors.

You can give the impression of depth and shadow by putting on two different lipstick shades. For this look, put a darker shade of product on the outside corners of your top and bottom lips and a lighter shade in the middle. Mix the two colors for a natural fade on the lips. This ombré lip has a fading effect and makes it look like your lips are fuller.

After you put on your lip product, use more concealer.

When you put on concealer after lipstick, you get clear lines that help draw attention to your bold lips, mainly if you use a bold color or overline. After coloring your lips, carefully put concealer around the color to make a clear line between your lips and skin.